Serving clients across the country

What We Do

Anderson Thornton Consultants is an employee benefits consultation firm located in Tampa, FL that beats the status quo. We restructure your healthcare supply chain to result in superior outcomes at the lowest cost. Our healthcare consultation system provides customized benefit design and risk and cost management.  Our employee benefits strategy focus on plans that manage benefits as a capital expense to produce measurable ROI. We combine exceptional knowledge to craft innovative benefit solutions with affordable insurance plans to ensure a benefit package that works for both you and your employees.


Why we are different

A status quo broker works for the insurance carrier. We work for you. We win when you win, and if you don’t see savings by following our advice, then you don’t pay us for the consulting we provide. More than ever before, business owners, like you, need a trusted advisor that sits on their side of the table.We break through the status quo to bring real results to your bottom line.
Anderson Thornton Consultants is a risk and cost management consulting firm. We work with company executives to treat their healthcare spend like every other business unit in their organizations. We restructure the supply chain for superior outcomes at the lowest cost, managing benefits as a capital expense to produce a measurable ROI.

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