Peeling Back the Layers

  Peeling back the layers - The Real Cost of Healthcare   For decades the hospital industry has had free reign on pricing, marking up the cost of care to obscene levels.  All of us have seen bills where an aspirin costs $25 or an oral cleansing device (also known as a toothbrush) costs $45.  The industry has done little to hide these crazy prices.  They are also quick to point out how truly altruistic they are by offering a 20% discount off of billed charges. Having served as a hospital CFO for Columbia HCA, I was intimately familiar with [...]

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The Cost of Quality Healthcare

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Usually, we use this saying when talking about the differences in quality between a cheap product and an expensive one. For example; compare an Audi vehicle to a Yugo. The Audi, an expensive luxury car, is known for quality. The Yugo’s reputation is that of a low cost, unreliable car. While this comparison applies quite well to cars, how does it work in healthcare? We analyzed the billed charges for 36 similar gallbladder removal surgeries. One patient was billed $1,591 for the procedure while another patient was billed $13,328 [...]

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