About Patrick Thornton

Patrick Thornton is a former Medicare auditor and Chief Financial Officer of an HCA hospital. He is an expert in healthcare supply chain management, employee benefits, and contract development. He is passionate about helping business owners take control of their healthcare spend, turning a large expense into an asset.

Lack of Transparency in Rx Pricing

On Tuesday, January 27, 2019, the Senate Finance Committee held an important hearing on the cost of prescription drugs. A key element of the discussion focused on the rebates commonly given by drug manufacturers to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Three PBMs control more than 70% of the pharmacy distribution within the US (link). They are [...]

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Healthcare Industry Consolidation and Expansion

Over the past few years, the healthcare supply chain in the United States has been undergoing intense consolidation. Hospitals networks are buying physician practices. Large physician practices are acquiring smaller practices. Even insurance companies are buying medical clinics. United Healthcare purchased DaVita Medical Group in December 2017, and, CVS is in the process of purchasing [...]

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