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Kara is the Director of Operations for Anderson Thornton Consultants, a risk management firm in Tampa, Florida. She has over 10 years experience in the insurance and financial services industry. When she's not working, she can often be found taxiing her children to their various activities or playing at a Disney theme park.

The Cost of Quality Healthcare

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Usually, we use this saying when talking about the differences in quality between a cheap product and an expensive one. For example; compare an Audi vehicle to a Yugo. The Audi, an expensive luxury car, is known for quality. The Yugo’s reputation is that of a low cost, unreliable car. While this comparison applies quite well to cars, how does it work in healthcare? We analyzed the billed charges for 36 similar gallbladder removal surgeries. One patient was billed $1,591 for the procedure while another patient was billed $13,328 [...]

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Do You Get What You Pay for?

In healthcare, it is very difficult to know how much you will pay for the services that will be rendered by a doctor or medical facility. How do you know if you got what you paid for or if you got ripped off? This Ted talk illustrates the problems inherent in the pricing of US healthcare services. The tools built by the speaker of this Ted Talk are useful in creating a dialogue for those wanting to negotiate cash prices, but what can be done to help employers provide better quality and healthcare costs within their health plans?  We [...]

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Lack of Transparency in Rx Pricing

On Tuesday, January 27, 2019, the Senate Finance Committee held an important hearing on the cost of prescription drugs. A key element of the discussion focused on the rebates commonly given by drug manufacturers to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Three PBMs control more than 70% of the pharmacy distribution within the US (link). They are Express Scripts, CVS, and OptumRx. These PBMs develop and manage the drug formularies for carriers and health plans. They are a middleman with considerable control over the pricing of prescription drugs. PBMs receive rebates from drug manufacturers, but under the current system, the discounts do [...]

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Healthcare Industry Consolidation and Expansion

Over the past few years, the healthcare supply chain in the United States has been undergoing intense consolidation. Hospitals networks are buying physician practices. Large physician practices are acquiring smaller practices. Even insurance companies are buying medical clinics. United Healthcare purchased DaVita Medical Group in December 2017, and, CVS is in the process of purchasing Aetna. Wal-Mart is considering purchasing Humana, and even Amazon has entered the healthcare fray by hiring several new high-powered healthcare executives and physicians to lead their healthcare revolution. All this consolidation begs the question, “What impact will this have on cost and quality in the [...]

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