You don’t have to accept the status quo.

Health care and employee benefits pose a number of challenges for employers–

but what are the solutions? Business executives manage every aspect of their business,

except for the expenses associated with the employee health plan.

Do you feel like your only option is to continue to absorb rising costs year after year?

Anderson Thornton Consultants can transform the healthcare value chain for your organization.

We know how to manage, measure, and effectively control your claims costs.

As claims decrease, so do premiums. Your company doesn’t need a broker.

You need a trusted adviser.

Discover and plug the leaks with quality metrics.

In a typical health plan, 20% of the costs is administration, while the remaining 80% is driven by claims. If your company isn’t doing anything to manage the frequency, severity, and/or cost of your employees’ claims, then there is no way to manage the admin costs either.

Employers who manage their claims costs effectively see an ROI from the employee benefits spend, as well as better benefits for their employees. It pays to have a trusted adviser who succeeds when you succeed, rather than a broker who gets a pay raise when you get your annual increase.

Release trapped capital with cost control measures.

The tools needed to release the capital trapped in your employee health plan in the short term are the same tools that stabilize the plan for the long term.

Many people put more effort into buying a new cell phone than they do choosing a doctor or medical facility. Our cost containment solutions ensure that you and your employees have easy access to the best quality care, at the right facilities, for the right prices.

Many employers need a custom solution.

Fully insured health plans are designed to be one size fits all. They are designed to fit the parameters defined by the fully insured carrier, not the employer. Anderson Thornton Consultants will customize a health plan strategy for your company’s short term and long term success. Your business is unique, and so are the healthcare needs of your employees.

white sheet of paper labeled Budget with multiple types of graphs on it

Employee engagement, education & empowerment

Have your employees’ pay raises been consumed by the annual increases in your healthcare spend? The quality of the health plan is an important factor in employee job satisfaction and retention. We take the time to educate and empower your employees to maximize their benefits in cost-conscious ways. We are not talking about rationing care. We want to make it easier for employees to get the care they need. When care is too expensive or too difficult to obtain, the necessary care is postponed, leading to more expensive emergency procedures later on. We teach employees how to get the best quality care, at the right facilities, for the right prices.

Optimize for maximum ROI

Custom solutions need to be tweaked for optimum performance over time. As the company changes, the needs of employees can also change. As your trusted adviser, Anderson Thornton Consultants knows how to analyze plan performance data and fine tune adjustments when needed. A long term strategy should also have short term goals. We measure success and adjust to maintain focus on the ROI that the health plan can bring. If your employee benefits are not making a positive contribution to your company’s bottom line, then your plan is not optimized.

Over the years, our partially self-insured program has saved us hundreds of thousands in gross premium costs, generated competitive plans for our employees (who have seen mid single digit premium cost increases, including one year of zero increases and one year of 3%, while the market has seen double digit compounded increases), eliminated the bi-annual headache of switching providers which minimizes work and keeps provider networks consistent, and generated excess funding that resulted in a rebate in 2018.

Christopher Kliefoth, Nationwide Enterprises