Monday, my daughter sent me this photo from the path of totality. It caused me to reflect on many things, including my business, employee benefits.

Over the past decade, insurance rates have increased by double digits, year after year. Meanwhile insurance carrier’s profits have almost doubled over that same time frame. (Source)

In a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun’s light from the earth’s surface. The healthcare landscape is eclipsed by the insurance industry. Insurance carriers and government legislation pass between healthcare consumers and healthcare providers, leaving the landscape in darkness. Solar eclipses are rare and fleeting events, but the insurance eclipse is continuous.

The status quo is good for the insurance industry. As premiums increase, carrier profits soar, and shadows lengthen.

There is a way out of the darkness. We illuminate the healthcare conversation for businesses across the country as we connect them with improved quality outcomes, greater access to healthcare, all while controlling costs.

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