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The New PECAA Health Plan

New Offerings with Limited Underwriting

We are proud to introduce PECAAHP, a Member-exclusive health care solution that provides affordable health care coverage for you and your employees.

With insurance premiums on the rise and no end in sight, PECAAHP was developed to help Member practices gain control of their expenses while providing quality benefits to employees – helping your practice attract and retain a quality team.

Leverage PECAA’s group buying power to purchase health care benefits at competitive rates, regardless of your individual practice size.

Why A Level-Funded Program?

A level funded health plan is a type of plan that combines the cost savings and customization of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of traditional, fully-insured plans. Level funding used to be a concept only available to large employers. Not anymore. Experience the advantages of level-funding through PECAAHP without taking on added risk.

  • Various Plan Design Options make it easy for you to find the right fit for your practice.
  • An Experienced Team is always ready to provide expertise before, during & after you’ve chosen your plan.

Level-Funded Program Key Advantages

  • One Predictable Monthly Payment
    -Your monthly payment is determined upfront and guaranteed not to increase for a full year as long as there are no changes to your group’s benefits or enrollment.
  • Plan Administration & Account Management
    -Payments of claims, customer service and reporting is all done for you, leaving you to focus on your business.
  • Quality Benefits
    -All employer-established benefit plans are minimum essential coverage
    -Preventative services are paid 100% when received from in-network providers.

Here’s What to Expect…

1) Pick the plans and rates that meet your needs

Click on the plans below to see the summary of benefits for each. We're confident you'll find at least one plan that will meet your unique needs.

2) See if your Practice Qualifies

Use the "Apply Now" link below to see if your practice qualifies. This brief 2 page form will help us better understand the needs of your practice. You will be notified within 48 hours whether or not your practice is approved.


Anderson Thornton Consultants will guide you through all the paperwork that is necessary for you to enroll in PECAAHP.*

*Please note that you must maintain a PECAA Membership and be in good standing to qualify for the PECAAHP plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employer FAQ's

The HBA program is a unique, level-funded, self-insured program in which each employer is its own Plan Sponsor and Plan Administrator as defined within ERISA and is free to pursue the claims funding/reinsurance strategy of its own choosing.  While the HBA is not a traditional insurance carrier and does not participate in or facilitate any transaction of insurance, employer inquiries will be referred to appropriate, informed parties for appropriate action to protect employer interests.


Must have at least 2 W2 employees, employer must complete group questionnaire.

The largest network nationwide, the PHCS Network.

Fill out the employer health questionnaire above, you will hear back within 48 hours whether or not your group qualifies.

Invoices are sent electronically directly from HBA administrators between the 7th-12th of every month. Premiums are collected via ACH on the first business day of the following month.

Depending on the plans offered, the HBA program requires participation of 25-50% of eligible employees who are not covered as a dependent under another group health plan.

The employer must contribute at least 50% of the employer only cost.


HBA administrators will provide COBRA administration services for all groups.

They will be done electronically online.

No, in many cases it can integrate with the payroll system.

Yes, Vision, Dental, and Life benefits can be added to supplement medical coverage.

If your group doesn't qualify we will work to find you a plan that will suit your needs.

Employee FAQ's

View the Provider Network List Here.

Till their 26th birthday.

Employees who want to add coverage for dependents should add their dependents during the initial enrollment period. Dependents not enrolled at the initial enrollment can be added at the next open enrollment or when a qualifying event occurs. Qualifying events include, but are not limited to marriage, divorce, birth of a child and loss of other coverage. Employees have 30 days to notify the administrator when a qualifying event happens and changes need to be made.

Please refer to the plan summaries for details.

Please refer to the plan summaries. 

If you leave your employer you are eligible for COBRA benefits which allow you to stay on your employers plan for up to 18 months.

HBA plans will reimburse for up to eight (8) verified COVID-19 rapid at-home tests per person/month.

You employer will provide you with the link you need to enroll. 

Please refer to the plan summaries. 


Don’t see your question on the list? You may e-mail service@andersonthornton.com or call 813-979-1588.