Employee Benefits
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Health Perks

Association Health Plans/Affinity Plans

Providing associations with solutions for their members Finally, A Healthcare Association Plan that is approved in all 50 states

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Value Add to Members

A Healthcare Association Plan/Affinity Plan provides a much-needed benefit to employers by giving more competitive insurance rates.

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Buying Power

By combining forces, small employers can leverage buying power to purchase insurance like large employers.

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Marketing to Members

Associations are in business to provide value to members. HCA Plans, with their turnkey benefits, make that easy.

Company Benefits

“We have a company of 30 employees. By reconstructing our healthcare plan, we reduced our health insurance premiums by 30%, and after three years, we had amassed a dividend of over $136,000.” 
- Chris K.

Reconstructing the health care ecosystem allows an employer to reduce their premiums and receive a healthcare dividend check based.

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Anderson Thorton

Over the past several years, the health insurance industry has vertically integrated the healthcare supply chain.

With a few large carriers owning most of the supply chain, they control all costs. Using a reconstructed healthcare plan is the only way to take control of this cost.

A reconstructed healthcare plan is the best way to control healthcare costs.

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Direct to Employer Contracts

Direct to Employer contracts allow employers to bypass insurance carriers and contract directly with healthcare providers for their employees. In many cases, employers can reduce costs by up to 30%. As employers continue to face skyrocketing healthcare costs, many are using direct to employment contracts to reduce costs.  

These direct to employer contracts save money for both the employer and employees and enables employers to take control over their healthcare expenses. 

If you feel an Association Healthcare Plan might be right for you, please contact us

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