We help private equity firms transform an expense into an asset.  Our private equity consulting division works with private equity firms to assess the Human Capital risk on current portfolio clients and future acquisitions. Our proven system provides a blueprint for benefits success that maximizes shareholder wealth.


  • Health Care Expenses Transformed Into Assets

  • Custom-built Benefit Plans

  • Lower Overall Costs

  • Empowered Employees Encouraged to Find Quality Care

  • Simple Underwriting in Most Cases

Five years ago, a company with 34 employees came to us for an alternative to the 20% increase in health insurance premiums they were quoted by their previous carrier. After following our recommendations, the company benefited from a 20% decrease in their health insurance premiums in the first year. Now, five years later, their rates have risen only 4% over their rates from five years ago, despite an industry trend of a 10% increase year after year.

In addition to the cost savings in their premiums, they have saved over $100,000 in claims expenses after implementing quality metrics and smart employer initiatives. When the private equity firm sold the company in early 2018, they had this to say:

I am a huge proponent of what we have done with this plan and its benefits. Patrick has shown us a way we can more efficiently bring in new acquisitions, bringing a synergy benefit to our portfolio companies while maintaining the ability to keep the programs independent and easily severable upon sale.

This created more than $1 million of value over a 5-year period, between the annual cost savings, the premium inflation avoidance, and the exit multiple of these combined savings.  

-Chris, CEO and President