Millions of small businesses in America struggle to provide health insurance for their employees. In some cases, these small employers must choose to either offer insurance to their employees or stay in business. With recent changes to healthcare regulations, many small employers can join an association health plans (AHP) which allow employers to band together to purchase health insurance.

Health Care Association Plans (HCA Plans) are association health plans that are giving relief to thousands of businesses nationwide with greater access to health coverage, leveraging the buying power of larger groups. Our plans have been approved in all 50 states and use large, national Preferred Provider networks and industry-leading administration partners.

HCA Plans place no risk on the association. The start up costs are minimal, and the plan can even offset the association’s marketing expenses.

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I had the great fortune of working with Anderson Thornton to help me meet the health care needs of my center.  They provided solutions that improved our benefits while reducing costs.

Lisa Egan